PCNS Compliance

PCNS Antitrust Compliance Declaration

  • PCNS organizers takes antitrust law considerations seriously. The purpose of PCNS Passive Components Networking Symposium is to help participants to understand major issues related to passive component industry, its barriers, news and challenges.
  • PCNS organizers reminds all the participants of the need to be mindful of the requirement to comply with antitrust and competion laws.
  • There should be no discuss of any matters relating to competition among participants, including discussion of individual prices, rates or market strategies and no exchange of information concerning any other competitive aspects of an individual company’s operation.
  • Should any participant to this conference attempt to initiate discussion with other participant on this matters, we recommend to participants end the conversation immediately, and at all times act in accordance with their own antitrust compliance policies and all applicable laws

GDPR Compliance Declaration

PCNS conference and EPCI as the main organizer of the event are following and comply to the EU GDPR policy.
The following procedures and actions are implemented:

  • the necessary personal and other data are collected only for reference and communication purposes
  • personal data are stored by internal EPCI databased not shared with other third parties, nor for marketing campaigns
  • no sensitive personal data are collected
  • photography at the event is allowed for private use only, unless permitted by the organizers
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